Originators and founders

Grzegorz Sendor


Space4Trade - Organizer of GASTROTARGI SMAKKi

Anna Wielgos

Vice CEO

Space4Trade - organizer of GASTROTARGI SMAKKi


We believe that knowledge, experience, creativity and determination to achieve the goals we set ourselves are our strength.

We can back this up with concrete numbers that make a strong argument for why you should trust us:

  • 100,000 square metres sold
  • 70 international trade fair editions completed
  • 5,000 horeca exhibitors
  • 250 cooking shows, bartending and coffee workshops organised
  • 400,000 horeca professionals
  • 50+ campaigns targeted at the horeca industry

Thanks to our extensive and varied experience, we know exactly how to organise a trade fair with international reach and at the highest level. We know what works and what requires new solutions, new ideas and slightly less trodden paths.

We know how to prepare a trade fair to make it vibrant and a must-attend event for everyone in the catering industry.

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