EdukkuJEMY conference

10:00 - 17:00 - Conference Room C

EdukkuJEMY is a full-day conference for the catering industry at every level: employees, managers, chefs, restaurant owners and investors. During this unique meeting, experts will address current topics on running a gastro business and present ready-made solutions that each participant will be able to implement in the operation of their company.

EdukkuJEMY conference will focus on discussions and the active participation of participants so that they have the chance to find solutions to the problems they face every day.

Among the topics planned, we will touch on:

– CRM – crew resource management; about the essence and need to create correct relations and information flow between the room and the kitchen, about creating a team whose proper functioning will translate into profits in the restaurant,
– a good restaurant manager – what knowledge he or she should have, how to prepare for this position, what to be ready for, how to hire and how to be a pillar of a well-functioning team,
– the Smakki Library – we will present valuable books and publications for the catering industry,
– effective restaurant promotion – what it is, where to start and what you need to know both when opening a gastro business and its skilful adaptation to ever-changing market requirements.

We will feature interesting people who have been successful in the hospitality industry in a number of different spaces and their hints on the key to being successful yourself.

This has not been seen before! During the Edukkujemy conference, attendees will have the chance to talk to our experts after the lectures during networking sessions and the opportunity to freely discuss with them individually.

Educate is a conference where we will focus on presenting the topics that accompany every person both employed and hired in the gastro industry, as well as discussing solutions to the many problems you encounter every day in an accessible way. There has never been a meeting like this before!

Details coming soon!

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